Pinkerton Animal Hospital

2105 North Broadway Street
Minot, ND 58703


Pinkerton Animal Hospital clients only:
If your pet is a patient of Pinkerton Animal Hospital and you have an emergency after regular business hours, please call 701-852-305
5 to reach our Veterinarian on call.

**Note** Due to the large volume of emergency calls, we will no longer be able to provide emergency care to pets who are seen by veterinary clinics other that Pinkerton Animal Hospital.  We appreciate your cooperation.  If you are not a regular client of Pinkerton Animal Hospital, please contact your regular veterinarian. 

Again, if you are a regular client and have an emergency please call 701-852-3055.

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Emergency Treatment


Emergencies represent one of the most common reasons for a pet owner to seek veterinary care. We understand the emotions involved in discovering your companion is sick or injured and we are here for you. Whether the situation can be handled over the phone or requires urgent, life-saving care, you can be sure that we respond immediately and appropriately to your pet’s emergent needs. With our experienced, highly trained staff, and state-of –the-art equipment, we are able to promptly evaluate, accurately diagnose and provide continued care for critical patients.
What constitutes an emergency?
An emergency exists for your pet if he or she:

1.    Cannot urinate
2.    Is hit by a car
3.    Is bleeding
4.    Has trouble breathing
5.    Is suddenly bloated
6.    Is suddenly severely ill
7.    Is convulsing
8.    Has ingested poison
9.    Is unconscious
10.  Is in hard labor for over one hour
11.  Has any type of eye problem